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A Red, White & Indian Fairytale

A Red, White & Indian Fairytale

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog. It has been so hectic these past few months that I haven't been able to write and let you know what we have been up too. It's been so hard finding time to write lately, but I will surely try to do it more often.

We are so excited because today's blog is all about a beautiful Indian Wedding we were able to plan at the amazing La Concha Resort in the Ocean Lounge this past march. It was such an amazing experience that we couldn't wait to share it with you.

The beautiful couple's name is Spurthi & Ashok, they are an amazing couple full of love and happiness. I am so honored to have been a part of their big day! The wedding consisted of 3 days of events in which we got to plan 2 of them. The traditions are so beautiful and interesting, we learned so much from them and had so much fun too.

Saturday night was the Sangeet event in which the family got together for dinner and dancing. Every guest put on their best clothes and was photographed and video graphed by the amazing Noel del Pilar and Nelson from NDF Films. They truly understood what the vision for the night was and captured every moment to perfection.

First, we got to see a cool entrance by the Groom's friends and the Groom. They did a very fun dance performance, that was so synchronized they could have been a famous boy band. After that, the Bride did her entrance, with her beautiful blue and a sparkly dress. (I loved and wanted every dress she used, they were gorgeous) The girls also did a dance performance with the bride that was straight out of a movie, it was A-MA-ZINGG! Let the party/ competition begin. Yes, competition!

The family Host put together a couple of games they would play during the night that was meant to find out which family was the winner or who knew each other best. The first game was the shoe game! The Bride & Groom have to hold up the shoe of the person who for example "said I love you first" or "who takes more time getting ready" and the winner would be the one who got more answers right.

Afterward, a game of pull the rope, each family on each side, started. It was so stressful waiting to see who would win, but they were having so much fun, and that was the point. Since they were tide, they had to arm wrestle to see who won.

The competition ended with the Bride & Groom sharing a dance performance they had put together in which they showed everybody what they were practicing so much for. IT WAS PERFECT! The night ended with a yummy Indian buffet-style dinner, made by the wonderful Chef from La concha and of course, more and more dancing.

Sunday arrived, and it was up and at it very early for all of us. The Bride started getting ready at the hands of the wonderful Lizzie Ibarra. (That amazing braid was done by her) The ceremony would start at 8 am in La Concha. My amazing assistant Camille and I arrived at 6:30 am to the hotel and checked up on the decorator my wonderful friend Natalia Liriano. She did such a beautiful and perfect work, it was difficult not to believe we weren't in a Red, White & Indian fairytale.

As the Bride & Groom arrived (her in a hummer limousine and him in a Jeep with the top off) they moved in their cars with all their family and friends dancing around them to the beat of Indian drums played by SAK Entertainment. We stopped the street as they entered the hotel and moved to the salon where they would have their breakfast. Everyone in the street in front of La Concha, came out to see them dance and have fun.

After breakfast, they started their rituals to get ready for the official ceremony. Colors, incense smells, coconuts, and chanting were the highlight of the morning. When they were ready we filled the aisle with red rose petals and everyone took their places to begin what would be a blessing to watch. The ceremony began and as they did all their rituals I watched in amazement because it was so different than what we are used too, but still, the same meaning was there. Two people, two families, coming together as one.

After two hours, we headed upstairs to the Mirador to welcome them to lunch. One of the Groom's friends wanted to do something special for the couple and asked for a special cake to surprise them. One that I would never forget and was perfectly done by Cakes by Glorimar. The Bride & Groom are fans of Batman, and their friend wanted to do something cool and unique that represented that side of them. Glorimar made a beautiful, traditional white wedding cake on one side & a unique, beautiful black batman cake on the other side. I call it the business in the front & party in the back cake. I think they loved it so much, and it was truly the coolest surprise I've yet witnessed in a wedding.

Each wedding we get to plan is unique in its way and I learn something new from every one of them. What can I say, when you love it as much as I do, you enjoy each event as if it was your own.