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Five Months Till' My Wedding!

Photographer Camille Velez from Pick a Shoot photography
Sofia and Luis engagement photos

I won't lie I'm starting to get nervous and extremely excited. Time has gone by so fast! I can't believe we are almost there, just five months till' my wedding! Planning my wedding plus my clients it's definitely a challenge sometimes. But, I do have to say how blessed I am because everyone that has been a part of the planning or will be part of the wedding have helped in ways I can't even begin to explain. Between my vendors, my friends, my planner because yes, I got myself a planner, I've been able to manage the craziness.

Like most couple I've had to keep track of a lot of things like budget, vendors and ideas. I have my wedding planning in like 3 different systems lol. The digital platform I use for my couples, an actual binder and a post it display color coded. Making lists is my way of relaxing lol and having them in multiple ways has helped me get a bit of my anxiety down.

We are 5 months out from the big day and these are the things we are currently working on.

  • Scheduling our Love Story Photoshoot and all that it implies. (outfits, hair and makeup, venue, photographer, etc)

  • DIY projects are getting started and hopefully finished.

  • Planning our Bachs and my Bridal Shower

  • Scheduling appointments in advance that we can like hair appointments, dentist, etc.

  • Trying out pet nannies for our 2 dogs for w=our wedding weekend.

  • Designing my Invites with our amazing Stationery Artists.

  • Double checking our guest list

  • Staring to put our guests into their assigned tables. We know this will change but remember I like to make lists.

  • Booking things for our Honeymoon. Guess where are we going?

Right now we are at that period that we just need to wait for our guests to RSVP after we send our invites and see what can change due to that final headcount. After we get that number we can secure some items and vendors that are on limbo due to budget lol. See? Even I go through this.

Definitely a very exciting process and I just can't wait to say I do to him. Tell me how do you deal with stressful moments?




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