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Our First Bridal Expo!

Hello, Hello!

I am so happy to be able to be here again and have a nice chat with you guys. Two weeks ago we participated on our first Bridal Expo called the "Caribbean Bridal Expo", and I wanted to share a bit of our experience in it. The convention was 2 days from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

We had to arrive on Friday to do setup and then the expo was open for the public on Saturday and Sunday At first we were a bit nervous, since it was our first time, but it was so much fun. We can't wait to do it again! Our favorite part was getting to know all of the amazing couples that were interested in Bloom PR Weddings & Events and hearing about what they expected or wanted for their big day. We did a raffle in which the brides with their fiancè or their entourage took a polaroid picture with some cute and fun props and wrote their names on the bottom of the polaroid. Then they would put their pictures in a ballot box and we would pick 3 winners for a special discount on our services. Everybody loved that idea and seeing how they worked the props and all the cute and funny poses they did was extremely fun.

We made sure to arrive earlier both days so we could meet some of the other vendors and have a chat with them, that way we could get some of their business cards for future references. Making those contacts was amazing, because we actually felt like a community and we've been in contact ever since. It was fun and an amazing opportunity to make new friends. We are a company who believes in community over competition, that is why meeting all of them and creating nice vibes with some of them was such an amazing feeling.

We are so glad we were part of this Bridal Expo and we can't wait for the next one. Here are some pics of our cute booth.


Sofia Cristina

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