6 Signs You’re Becoming a Bridezilla

Bridezilla vs. Bridechilla'

Do you feel like you’re becoming a bridezilla? As a wedding planner it is my duty to make this process as fun and relaxed as possible. This is why I gathered my 6 most noticeable signs that means my brides are becoming bridezillas. Something that should not happen!

If any of these 6 signs apply to you, not to worry, let me give you some tips on how to work on preventing them.

1. Delegate!

For some Brides it is hard to delegate tasks to family members or friends. They tend to want to do everything themselves because they think nobody will understand their vision or do it exactly the way they want it.

Solution: Delegate tasks according to people's expertise or things they do good. For example, if you're writing your own seating chart, you can pick someone on your crew that has nice penmanship. That way you will be sure you'll love how everything is written and just make sure they practice so you can see.

2. Trust!

Sometimes Brides don't trust the vendors they pick and tend to want to see everything exactly as it will look on the day of the wedding, multiple times during the process. It is ok to want to have a preview, but not every single week prior to the wedding.

Solution: Just remember every wedding is unique and if you picked that vendor it is because you loved their work and felt like they understood your vision. Try to breathe and remember that your wedding is probably not the only one they are servicing, and arranging weekly previews, meetings or tastings can be very time consuming for them.

4. Have a wedding planner!