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My Top 5 Favorite Parts About the Royal Wedding

Hello, hello!

Welcome back to my blog, I've been very busy lately (thank god) and that is why I've been away for a little bit. Today I want to talk to you about an amazing event that happened this past weekend. Yes! The Royal Wedding!

Everyone has been talking about it non-stop, and why wouldn't we? It was totally a fairytale story with the most amazing happily ever after. Maybe it is the fact that she is an american- divorced-actress marrying a prince that has us all amazed by this wedding, or maybe it is just because it is a Royal Wedding which we don't see often. I loved the idea of Meghan and Harry since they announced they were dating and then engaged. There is something about them that inspires love and good vibes. It is wonderful to feel like anyone can find their prince charming someday, isn't it? Well without further a due, here are my top 5 favorite parts about the Royal Wedding.

1. The DRESS! Yes, the dress, the one thing everyone was waiting to see. Meghan's wedding dress was beautiful, she looked elegant, classy, conservative but modern and sexy at the same time. We often say "less is more", and she hit that spot perfectly. Her dress was maybe not what everyone envisioned her in, but it fitted her like a glove and she looked breathtaking. Well Harry seemed to think so at least! (lol) But as with any princess just one gown is not enough, the second one she changed to was equally as perfect and more of an american bride, she looked amazing in it, and even Harry changed costumes too. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

2. The mini bridesmaids and groomsmen!

Meghan didn't want a maid of honor because she did not want any of her friends to get mad or feel awkward picking just one. Her solution to that problem, was to pick all her now- nephews and kids of her bests friends and turned them into mini bridesmaids and groomsmen. Didn't they look cute as a button? They behaved amazing ( I wish all kids behaved like that during the procession down the aisle), and their outfits made them look like little angels. Would you be open to this idea?

3. The vows!

Ok, as a wedding planner I don't know why but every time I hear the couple saying their vows, it brings tears to my eyes. It has maybe something to do, with the idea of promising your future husband or wife your eternal love. But it was theirs, in that massive chapel, surrounded by so many people, that brought tears to my eyes. It felt like they were all alone and just so focused on each other. They looked so excited and happy!


We all wanted the kiss in front of the stairs, to looked exactly like a Disney movie, and it did. We wanted to see how long they would kiss for, since in other royal weddings it has been pretty short, and well they are not the normal royal couple. It was magical!

5. Diana's Prescence

It was amazing for me seeing how the two of them incorporated "Princess Diana" into their whole wedding day. From Meghan's ring being part of Diana's jewelry collection, leaving a sit opened beside Prince William where she was supposed to be sitted if she was physically there and having her favorite flowers on Meghan's bouquet. There were so many details incorporated to make them feel like she was there with them, and let me tell you something, she was there. She is looking out for them and wishing them eternal happiness together.


Ok, there is one more thing I loved and it was the Gospel Choir singing "Stand by me" I mean, it gave me goosebumps and it represented her heritage as well. They broke a couple of rules or some of the protocol to make their wedding their own and I loved that they did that. The choir sang amazingly and the song it was just so beautiful and so classic.

It was by far a magical and special event, and we are very lucky to have witnessed it. Let me know, what was your favorite part of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan in the comments below. Let me get to know you better.


Sofia Cristina

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