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Wedding Planner & 2023 Bride Amazon Faves

Hi everyone! We are back on the blog and having so much fun writing for you guys. If you don't know me I'm a wedding planner based in Puerto Rico with over 5 years of experience. I got engaged December 2021 and getting married this December 2023.

I wanted to show you all the things I've bought so far from amazon for my wedding and show you how I plan on using them. If you're getting married don't hesitate to click on the image and it will lead you straight to the item. Here are my wedding amazon faves so far. Yes, just to be clear I am an Amazon affiliate so I do earn a commission based on your purchases.

Things I've bought for my wedding day:

I am in love with these clear acrylic hangers and can't wait to use them on wedding day. I want to personalize them with my Cricut joy and put everyone's name on them. It will look so cute on photos of the bridesmaids dresses.


Looking to personalize some items for your wedding bar? These black cocktail stirrers are perfect to put your monogram on them. I but the 100 pack because I just want a little detail for cocktail hour, but I am planning on putting our monogram on one side and a QR Code on the other that will direct our guests to a page where they will be able to upload all the photos and video they take of our wedding day. They also como in other colors so they will be able to fit any wedding theme.


I'm getting married in December so as a their wedding favor/ seating chart Ill families/ couples/ people will have their own Christmas Ornament directing them to their table. They are very easy to DIY I am using my Cricut Joy, some white ribbon and some white paint as the background.

I can't wait to start making and finishing this DIY projects. I'm still 7 months out but as a wedding planner it is very important to start these types of projects as soon as possible so we are not running like crazy close to the wedding day.

Are you doing any wedding DIY? If so tell me which ones I would love to help however I can.




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