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Become the Best Maid of Honor of All Time

Become the Best Maid of Honor of All Time!

Couple Getting Married
Couple Getting Married

Hello, hello!

Being the maid of honor in someone's wedding is an honor (no pun intended). It means you are important enough to that person and that they want to share every single detail of their special day with you. Usually it requires a sense of trust and love to be chosen for this important role. Being Maid of Honor should be something you take seriously.

But there is no denying it, it is hard work! You need to be on top of everything and be as supportive as possible even if you don't agree with the Bride on something. Here are a couple of Do's & Dont's that you should follow if you get the amazing role of being someone's Maid of Honor!

Do: Attend every wedding event!

Don't: Skip any wedding related events. If you're Maid of Honor you're expected to show up and help the Bride with any details that need to taken care of.

Do: Offer your help, with planning the wedding!

Don't: Act like you know everything, offer your help but if you're not asked don't over step.

Do: Plan her Bachelorette and/or Bridal Shower

Don't: Assume someone else will do it. If you cannot take care of it, ask the Mother of the Bride or the other Bridesmaids. But make sure someone will plan it and of course help out.

Do: Be supportive of every decision!

Don't: Fight with the Bride even if you don't like the colors or dress she chose for you. Remember it is HER day and you don't want to be the person who is constantly putting a damper on her planning.

Do: Let the Bride vent!

Don't: Get mad if she only complains or wants to talk about the wedding and nothing else. The truth is planning a wedding means being on top of every detail and sometimes it can be scary and stressful.

Do: Keep the peace!

Don't: Start any drama! Yes, no fighting with the other Bridesmaids or putting her under stress because you can't stand her cousin. Be drama - free and help her keep everyone happy during the wedding day. That includes the divorced aunt and uncle or parents (lol).

I hope this will guide you and help you become the best maid of honor of all time.


Sofía Cristina

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