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8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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For me weddings are supposed to be unique, not a cookie cutter wedding. It is a time that should reflects the couple personality and all their likes and things they love. There are multiple ways you can make your wedding unique to you by personalizing the hell out of it. Here are my top 8 ways to personalize your wedding:

  1. Table Numbers:

If your guests are seating down to eat they should have at least their table assigned and for that you need some type of signage that let's them know where to go and sit. So personalize your table numbers. It can be with a photo of your pets or of your favorite travels, it can be by substituting the number for a quotes you love or dates like when you first met, first kiss, etc. It can be your favorite songs or artists, favorite movies, favorite characters. There are so many ways you can personalize this so have fun and get creative.

Table numbers for a wedding that look like library cards on top of some books.
Photographer: Two is Better

2. Wedding Signage:

Following along that line of the table numbers you should personalize any signage you are having at your wedding. Wedding Signage are items like: welcome sign, bar sign, seating chart, backdrops for ceremony or reception, etc. So you can do the same as you did with table numbers, use quotes, favorite movies, favorite hobbies as a couple and so on.

Behind the couple a black and white backdrop wall  with an art quote that the couple loves
Photographer: Pearl Memories / Signage: Liliweds Co.

3. Write your own vows:

Obviously you can never go wrong with the tradition vows but if you want to go ahead and personalize even more writing your own is the way to go. You can include funny moments that has happened to you as a couple, where and when you met, how much care each of you takes care of your pets and obviously how much you love each other.

flatlay photo of vow books, invites, ring boxes and bride's shoes
Photographer: Two is Better

4. Invitations:

Your invites are the first actual impression of your wedding and whats going to happen so there is no better way to be yourselves than to incorporate YOU into the invitations. Photos of your engagement or loe story, drawing you make, sayings, your pets, your vibe. Make sure from the moment they receive that invite they know that it is from you both and that it sets the tone for your amazing event.

wedding Invites inspired by art and sculpture drawn by the cake artist
Photographer: Pearl Memories/ Invites: Liliweds Co.

5. Protocol songs:

Music says SO MUCH! No matter how casual or formal your event is you will need some protocol songs. These songs are: the wedding party processional song, your song to walk down the aisle, your exit recessional song, your first dance song, if you're dancing with your parents or siblings, first song of the party, last song of the party. So choose wisely and have fun with it, make it unique to you.

Couple dancing salsa as their first dance
Photographer: Gary Rosado Photography

6. Guest book:

Having a guestbook is such a big controversy. Either you have one or not, because most couple agree they never look at their guest book 1-5 years after their wedding day. So this should be very personalize to you. You should incorporate a guest book that will fit into your lifestyle, your home, what you like. A signed picture of you both, a big Jenga you can use to play at home on game night, an audio guest book on vinyl, print all your Photo Booth pictures and make an album or a frame to hang at home.

sign the dominos guest book for weddings
Photographer: Chelsea Lavere

7. Favors:

This I believe is my favorite part, choosing something that when the guests see it are like wow this so them! From your favorite candy, to your favorite coffee, something you made yourselves, your favorite wine or whiskey, favorite flowers, the possibilities are endless. I do suggest that whatever it is is either personalized as well for the guest or that your personalization (if it includes your names and wedding date) can be removed. That way you make sure your guests will actually use or display their wedding favor.

menus and match box from the couple's culture on flatlay of table decor
Photographer: Gar Rosado Photography / Menus: Papercrafts

8. Interactive Activities:

If you are a couple that when you travel you like to have an artist do a cartoon of both of you or a drawing, what better way to incorporate an activity like that for your guests. If you love coffee how about having a coffee cart or bar, cigar roller, rum bar, etc. Take your passions and hobbies as couple and incorporate that to your wedding as an activity for your guests.

Bride getting festival glitter and drawing at wedding
Photographer: Nina Martin photography

Remember, personalizing your wedding is all about adding special touches that are meaningful to you and your partner. Get creative, make it memorable, make it you and you will have a unique and personalized wedding that your guests will definitely enjoy and love.



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