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2 in 1 Wedding Ideas

2 in 1 Wedding Ideas!

bride and groom  with flowers in hand
bride and groom

2x1 Wedding Ideas! Who doesn't like anything that is 2x1? Well today we are dedicating a whole blog post to wedding ideas that can be 2 in 1. This combo ideas can save you money and make your wedding unique and fun.

Sometimes as Bride's you want a lot of stuff for your wedding and that can quickly add up. You will probably start taking things of your list and will be a little sad that you won't have everything you envisioned for that day. Well let me tell you, you don't have to sacrifice any of it, you just have to be a little more creative and make sure the logistics work. Here are some ideas on things that can become 2 in 1 for your wedding:

Weddings Programs/ Menu Cards

Photo by: (Pickashoot Photography)

Menu & Program by: (Liliweds)

Photo by: (Pickashoot Photography) Menu & Program by: (Liliweds)
Wedding Menus and programs

This one is all about logistics. First make sure that your printing company prints them two sided. If you're having your ceremony and reception in the same venue it is way easier. There are two ways this can work.

First option is to give out all the programs during the ceremony and let people read them and enjoy them. After the ceremony ends, most people tend to leave them in their chair or they fall to the floor. Your wedding planner can collect them back and then go on and put them the other way as menu cards on your tables.

The second option is that if you don't mind and don't think they are necessary during the ceremony but still want to make sure your guests know when is your first dance, the cake cutting, the open bar starts, etc. Put them on top of your plate settings as part of the décor and arrange them for some to be menu card side up and the others to be programs side up.

Programs/ FansPhoto by :

Photo by : Rachel Whyte Photography
Wedding programs

Photo by: (Rachel Whyte Photography)

Having you wedding outdoor and during the summer? Make sure your guests are cooled off by turning your programs into hand fans. They will definitely be grateful that you thought about them and will appreciate not being that hot.

Bridesmaids Bouquets/ Centerpieces

Photo by: Caroline Joy Photography
Bridesmaids Bouquets

Photo by: (Caroline Joy Photography)

Don't want to waste money with your bridesmaids bouquets? Talk to your decorator and florist and find a way to find another use for them after the ceremony. You can have your wedding planner collect them after the ceremony and during the cocktail hour arrange them at your table. That way they become part of your wedding décor.

Party Favors/ Escort Cards

KT Merry Photography
tiles Seating Charts

Photo by: (KT Merry Photography)

Planning on giving your guests a gift for being a part of that day? You can also make them your escort cards. Put little tags, or just put their names on the gifts and with a beautiful display they will be perfect for your guests to find their seats and also enjoy for their gift.

Guestbook/Gift Box

Photo by: (Un Beau Jour)

Photo by: Un Beau Jour
World Globe as cards and gifts holder

If you prefer money as a gift this one will be even more perfect. Make your gift box your guestbook by letting people sign them after putting the envelope inside. A perfect example is to get a big world globe cut a slit on the top and let people sign your globe. That way it will even be an amazing décor for your home afterwards. 3 in 1 anyone?

Guestbook/ Welcome Sign

Design by: (Liliweds)
Welcome Sign

Design by: (Liliweds)

Make a cute design according to your wedding look and style and print it. You can have your guests sign it and that way it will serve as a double purpose. You can even put it in a pretty frame and hang it as an amazing memory at your house. Another 3 in 1 idea !

Centerpieces/Weddings Favors

Photo by: (Elizabeth Messina

Photo by: (Elizabeth Messina
Cactus Place Cards

We all know guests jump at the opportunity of taking the flower arrangements, well why don't you do it in purpose? This idea works amazingly if you're using flowers like succulents. Have your florist arrange them in little vases according to your wedding look and put a little sign on the table that says "take me and watch me grow". Your guest will love the idea, and you would have used part of your decoration as wedding favors too.

Guestbook/ Entertainment

Photo by: (Make Merry Events)
Polaroid Guest Book

Photo by: (Make Merry Events)

Keeping your guests entertained sometimes can be difficult. Well, pick a cute photo album, arrange some polaroid cameras and have your guests take pictures of themselves an taped them to your photo album with a message. You will have an instant photo album and your guests will have a blast taking some pics.

Wedding cake/ Groom's Cake

Photo by: (Trevor & Allison Photography)

Via (Photographer Central)

Photo by: (Trevor & Allison Photography) Via (Photographer Central)
Half Wedding Cake

This one is so much fun! Want to give your future husband a cake as a gift that day and make a whole surprise? Well if you do not want to spend money on yet another cake here is the perfect solution. Have the back part of your wedding cake transform into you groom's cake. Have it be about his favorite super hero, his favorite hubby or anything else he loves. It will be a perfect "business in the front, party in the back" wedding cake.


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