Are You Inviting Children To Your Wedding?

Hello, hello!

Welcome back to our blog, I am so glad to be here! There is so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding, you can often feel overwhelmed or like you are loosing control. It does not have to be that way! Yes, I know, I am a wedding planner so I have to say this, but really having a wedding planner or even a wedding consultant can help you feel more confident, relaxed and ready to have a blast at your wedding. We often can provide ideas and visions into details that you might have overlooked. Like for example, are you having little, tiny guests at your wedding? Yes, I mean those bundles of joy called kids! Well kids usually get bored during a wedding, so if you’re planning to invite them, let me give you some ideas, that will keep them entertained, their parents enjoying the party and you relaxed and happy.

Set up a kids table. Let them have a table of their own where they can sit and have fun together. This way you won't have them running around looking for their parents or the other kids. (At least for a little while, lol) They can eat, play and have fun at the "cool kids table".

Print out coloring pages inspired by wedding items and fill a big jar full of crayons and colored pencils and let them color away! This one is a very easy, affordable and fun way to keep them entertained. Make it like a little book and they can even take them home as their wedding favors.

Make them your paparazzi!

Buy a disposable camera for each of the kids and have them take pictures of the reception. Let their parents know that you will later print the pictures and show them.